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Lately, there’s been an explosion in the mobile phone industry, with public eagerly embracing every new advance. One of the biggest changes is how easy it’s become for mobile phone users to get online using smart phones such as the iPhone. People who use smart phones have come to rely on these gadgets for a wide variety of purposes, from communicating with friends to managing business tasks. With such a large and growing market, surely there must be a way for you to benefit from it. One simple way to get involved is to design your own mobile website that can be accessed by any smart phone user. If you want your mobile website to get noticed, you have to follow certain principles that will ensure it doesn’t get lost in the crowd. There are some surefire ways to make sure your mobile website gets noticed, and we’ll be covering some of them here.

Keep Content to a Minimum: Mobile websites have to be designed so that they’re user friendly when viewed on mobile phone screens, so you don’t want to overdo it with content. So make the most out of what you use rather than overloading the site with content. People using mobile phones will be doing lots of different tasks, so you can’t expect them to read large amounts of content on your website. Aim at giving them a great mobile experience with your website. A minimal approach will be allow users to view it more clearly and quickly, which means a higher response rate.

Give People Access to Your Main Site: Don’t forget to give visitors to your mobile site a link to your regular website or blog, as some visitors may feel there’s not enough info on the mobile site. The whole purpose of your mobile website is to draw attention to your main site; the majority of the people landing on your site through their mobile phones will be satisfied with the short amount of information you present. Linking to your primary website will provide you with more visitors, and it will show the people who find your mobile site that you have a larger presence online.

Autosensing SetUp: It makes no sense whatsoever to split your branding efforts for promotions and advertising with two different web addresses. What you need to do is set up auto-redirection and auto-sensing on your mobile browsers main site. Now you will be able to advertise only one primary URL and also eliminate the possibility of confusion that your visitors may have once they arrive. Designing an effective mobile website design is all about balancing the various elements and getting them right. What we discussed in this article isn’t that difficult to apply, but it will definitely help you make your mobile site stand out of the crowd.

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